TR Mexico Visa



TR MEXICO VISA STATUS applies to foreigners who intend to reside in Mexico, for more than 180 days and less than 4 years. Mexico Visa process begins at Mexican Consulates in U.S.A. Mexican Consulates issue a temporary visa for six months, then exchange it for TR Resident Card upon arrival to Mexico.

  • Who qualify for Temporary Mexico Resident Visa?
    • Applicants  with  Mexican Spouse or Children 
    • Spouse or Children of   Temporary  or Permanent Mexico Resident Card Holders.
    • Applicants with job offer; by a Mexican Corporation or Small business
    • Applicants who own Mexico, Real Estate
    • Retirees/Pensioners or Employed applicants who  can prove a monthly net income of $42,510.00, Pesos Mexico currency, via six consecutive banks statements prior applying.
    • Applicants who can prove investments or bank accounts averaging of $708,500.00, Pesos, Mexico currency,  per month,  for twelve consecutive months prior applying.   


Where do I apply for Temporary Mexico Visa? In the Mexican Consulates or Embassies of your country of origin.

How long is the estimated time of approval at the consulate? 1 to 10 business days

How long is the duration of the visa? Six months

How much is the Visa? $44.00, US

What is the difference between TR Mexico Visa and TR Mexico Card? Is the same but requires two steps to acquire Temporary Resident Status