Mexico Visa HELP for more than 18 years

Three easy steps how to obtain a Temporary or Permanent Mexico Resident Visa/Card:

Step 1:

Apply in person for a TR or PR Mexico Visa in the Mexican Consulate or Embassy in US

Step 2:

1 to 180 days after the visa is approved in the Mexican Consulate, you must validate it, obtain an entry stamp and an FMM FORM FOR CANJE at the Mexico border or airport

Step 3:

Thirty days from its validation, you must exchange the TR or PR Mexico Visa and the FMM FOR CANJE for the TR CARD or PR CARD in the closest Mexico INM office where you will live.

I have  HELPED applicants with Temporary and Permanent Mexico Residency since 2002.  Throughout all this time of experience, I have mastered the Temporary and Permanent Visa/Card process. I guarantee that you will be pleased with my help.

The first step is to work with you and come up with a plan to qualify you.

I am bilingual in Spanish and English

Most of the documents for TR or PR Mexico Visa / Card are in Spanish. If you hire me, I can make sure you understand the instructions, and sign and file the documents correctly.

Jorge Gonzalez<br>Mexico Visa Specialist
Jorge Gonzalez
Mexico Visa Specialist

Are you ready to start with the Temporary or Permanent Mexico Visa Process  contact me directly at
I reside in San Diego, California my cell phone number is 619-512-7537
Mexico address is required to complete the TR or PR Mexico Card process. Do not have one jet? I might be able to find you one in Baja North, right across from San Diego, California.

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