Mexico Visas and Residency Cards

Exploring Your Options: Mexico Visas and Residency Cards

Securing Mexico Visa and Residency Card should be your top priority if you’re considering moving to Mexico. So, there are two main visa categories: Temporary and Permanent.

Temporary Residency Visa: The Initial Step

Initially, the temporary residency visa is good for 180 days and is the initial step in the process. Basically, you can apply for this visa at the nearest Mexican Consulate, with around fifty consulates available in the US.

Visa-to-Card Conversion: Extending Your Residency

Once your visa is approved, it must be converted into a temporary resident card. Are you wondering about the difference between the visa and the card? The visa is valid for 180 days, but after conversion, it becomes a card, extending your residency term.

Where do you convert your visa to a card?

The visa-to-card conversion process usually takes place at the local INM Immigration office near your Mexico address. However, the temporary resident card is valid for first-time applicants for one year. After that, you can renew it for one, two, or three years.

Importance of Obtaining a Temporary or Permanent Mexico Card

In fact, getting a Temporary or Permanent Mexico Card is crucial for obtaining a CURP (Mexico Social Security Number) and an RFC (Mexico Tax ID Number). These identifications are accessible only to temporary or permanent residents.

Permanent Resident Card Process

For example, like the temporary visa, the process for a permanent residency visa starts at the Mexican Consulate. After approval, subsequently, it must be converted into a permanent resident card at the INM Immigration office. The permanent resident card is valid for a lifetime and doesn’t require renewals.

Impact on US Citizenship: Dual Nationality Allowed

Becoming a temporary or permanent Mexico resident won’t affect your US citizenship. Furthermore, you can even apply for Mexican citizenship after residing in Mexico for two or five years, as the US allows dual nationality.

Essential Requirement: A Valid Mexico Address

A Mexico address is mandatory for completing the Temporary or Permanent Mexico Card process after visa approval. Therefore, If you don’t have one yet, I can assist you in finding an address in Baja North, located just across from San Diego, California, for a fee. Additionally, I can guide you through the change of address after you find a definite place to live.

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