Canje Process for Mexican Temporary or Permanent Residency Visas

 Initial Steps

The Digital FMM for Canje is crucial when obtaining a Temporary or Permanent Resident Visa at the Mexican Consulate. After the visa approval, the consulate affixes a visa sticker to your passport.

Airport Verification and Entry Stamp

Upon arrival at Mexico airport, the INM Immigration agent will verify the visa, scan your passport, and provide an entry stamp. The agent manually notes “Canje” and grants 30 days.

Digital FMM Download

After the initial entry, you can create an account on the INM Immigration website to download the digital FMM, as demonstrated in the sample provided. Make sure you do not misplace it.

Visit the INM Immigration Office.

Within the first 30 days, visit the closest INM Immigration office in your intended residence area. Apply for a Temporary or Permanent Resident Card to avoid visa avoidance.

 Importance of INM Immigration Stamp Information

Ensure that next to the entry stamp, the INM Immigration agent writes “Canje” and specifies the 30 days.

 Understanding “Canje Meaning”

“What does Canje mean?” It translates to exchange. In simpler terms, you exchange your visa for a temporary resident card.

The Canje Process 

How does this work? Do I surrender my visa to the (INM) Immigration office and receive the temporary resident card in return? Well, yes, but it is not that sample. It is a process that can be frustrating if you need to learn how to fill out the main application and assemble all the documents required.

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The DIGITAL FMM for canje it is required  after you obtain a Temporary or Permanent Resident Visa at the Mexican Consulate.

Digital Canje Fmm