Steps how to obtain a TR Mexico Visa & TR Mexico Card

Step one:

Apply in person for a TR or PR Mexico Visa at the Mexican Consulate or Embassy in the US

Step two:

You have 1 to 180 days to validate the visa at the Mexico border or airport and must obtain an entry stamp and an FMM FORM FOR CANJE  after its approval in the Mexican Consulate.

Step three:

Exchange the TR or PR Mexico Visa and the FMM FOR CANJE for the TR CARD or PR CARD in the closest Mexico INM office where you live!

Canje Procedure

Thirty days after you verify the visa at the Mexico border or airport, you must go to the nearest INM Immigration office close to your Mexico residency address and do the CANJE process. What does Canje mean? It means exchange. In other words, you are exchanging your visa for a temporary or permanent resident card. How does this work? Do I surrender my visa to the (INM) Immigration office and receive the temporary or permanent resident card in return? Well, yes, but it is not that sample. As a matter of fact, It is a process that can be frustrating if you do not know how to fill out the main application and assemble all documents required. Indeed, Jorge can help you with the entire process.


If the Mexican Consulate approves, the visa will be affixed to one of the pages of your passport.